Friday, May 05, 2006

101 Random Things About Moi

  1. I was born in Florida.
  2. I was raised in New Jersey from the age of ten months.
  3. I have not lived in NJ for almost 6 years now.
  4. But when people ask me where I'm from, I still say New Jersey.
  5. I have no relationship with my biological father.
  6. I was adopted by my dad when I was a young child.
  7. I detest when people refer to my biological father as my "real" dad. My REAL dad raised me.

  8. I am afraid of the dark.
  9. I am afraid of basements.
  10. I have no sense of direction... I make a wrong turn and get lost constantly. Even in my own neighborhood.
  11. I've been called "Charlie Brown" because of my habit of sticking out my tongue when I am concentrating really hard.
  12. I only eat bite sized food in even numbers. (i.e. cereal, corn, m&m's, nuts, peas etc, etc, etc...)
  13. I would die for my children.
  14. More significantly, I would kill to protect them.

  15. I used to smoke a lot of pot.
  16. I still wonder what long-term effects that has had on me.
  17. I quit smoking cigarettes in 2001.
  18. I occasionally sneak a cigarette when no one is watching me.
  19. I miss smoking. A lot.
  20. I lost my virginity way too young. I regret, not the person, but the age.
  21. I have only had sex with two men.

  22. I have never cheated on anyone.
  23. I have been cheated on.
  24. I have been truly in love twice in my life.
  25. I do not want to be cremated when I die.
  26. I am a creature of habit, but I hate living in a routine.
  27. Red wine gives me a nasty hangover.
  28. But I drink it anyway.

  29. Tequila makes me want to dance.
  30. I hate to dance.
  31. But I would love to learn ballroom dancing.
  32. I am five foot seven.
  33. I have never had a broken bone.
  34. I am very reserved at first glance.
  35. But when you get to know me I never shut up.

  36. I don't like confrontation. I am unassertive. I don't stick up for myself very well.
  37. I think that comes from being an only child.
  38. I have never been arrested.
  39. I have never had a cavity search.
  40. I hope I never have a cavity search.
  41. I hate people who do not use spell check.
  42. I hate when people type LiKe tHiS.

  43. Inconsiderate people piss me off.
  44. I am one of the few people that misses high school.
  45. I am left handed.
  46. I sleep with my socks on.
  47. I sleep with my underwear off.
  48. I love to read.
  49. I am very nosy.

  50. I cannot sleep with the heater on.
  51. I always sleep with the window open above my bed. Even in the winter.
  52. I hate the smell of Pine-Sol.
  53. I love the smell of sweat.
  54. I pour milk on my Jello.
  55. I like mustard and onions on my grilled cheese sandwiches.
  56. I think coffee smells better than it tastes.

  57. I have been pregnant four times.
  58. I have three children.
  59. I would love to have at least two more someday.
  60. But I will probably never have more children because I can hardly afford the ones I have already.
  61. I used to play the clarinet.
  62. I wish I could play the piano.
  63. I really want a tattoo.

  64. I have ADD.
  65. I stay up all night.
  66. I have never had braces.
  67. I love being alone.
  68. I'm scared of turning thirty.
  69. I'm even more scared of the alternative.
  70. I love sleeping with my kids.

  71. I have never worn glasses or contacts.
  72. I am terrified to fly in a plane.
  73. But I want to skydive someday.
  74. I love airports.
  75. People who drink "decaffeinated diet sodas" annoy me.
  76. I am a great speller.
  77. I won the spelling bee in the fourth grade.

  78. I love romantic comedies.
  79. I crave recognition when I work hard.
  80. I want beautifully manicured nails.
  81. I hate fake fingernails.
  82. I love a tidy house.
  83. I used to be a slob.
  84. I still keep a few junk drawers to satisfy my inner pack-rat.

  85. I am a giver by nature.
  86. I'd love to go to the theatre more often.
  87. I hate people who do not say "please" and "thank you."
  88. I don't have a favorite color; I like them all, but I'm partial to green and purple. Pink too.
  89. I love to cook.
  90. I'd like to bake more often, but I'm lazy about it.
  91. I love to sing, but I am horrible at it!

  92. I love cloudy, rainy or snowy days.
  93. I love going down the shore.
  94. But I hate the beach.
  95. I love lakes.
  96. I adore Ireland.
  97. I am a cat person. Dogs are entirely too needy.
  98. Margaritas are my favorite alcoholic drink.

  99. I hate being naked.
  100. I am turned on by English accents.
  101. I believe in soul mates, destiny, karma and kindred spirits.


Yesterdays_ashes said...

What a great post. BTW, won in the 5th grade too...I have the trophy here to prove it. :-)

Hmmm, have to say I agree with #97. Funny how I read things that you write & I think uh huh, that's what I do or think, too.

margo said...

Ha! How could I have forgotten that it was 5th grade?? Those were the days of Mrs. Irvine... Maybe I blocked that year out. Eesh!

Yesterdays_ashes said...

LOL...what do you mean? She was the same great teacher that I had 20 yrs before........NOT!! Yep, you won both in the 4th & 5th grade. :-)